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About Varied / Student bloomacncheezFemale/United States Groups :iconnabari-no-ou-fans: Nabari-no-Ou-Fans
Unleash the Shinrabanshou within
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Happy Birthday Baylor! 2013 by bloomacnchez Happy Birthday Baylor! 2013 :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 20 18 The Adventures of Trunks the Tiny Elephant by bloomacnchez The Adventures of Trunks the Tiny Elephant :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 26 10
BMNC Chatroom Story 1
BMNC Chatroom Story
Quick guide to usernames (in order of appearance):
The_Fool (username changes halfway through): Tetsuya Saito
The_Fool2 (username changes halfway through): Souji Seto
bloomacncheez: Me (I mean, duh.)
Wild_Tiger: Kotetsu T. Kaburagi
Barnaby_Desu: Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Sgt._Major_Spiral: Kururu Socho
Ichiban_Nihon: Andre Laurent Jean Geraux (Bebe)
Wind_Master: Yosuke Hanamura
Not_Naruto: Miharu Rokujou
FullMoon_Fish: Pharos Mochizuki (my beta fish)
Loves_Cute_Shit: Kanji Tatsumi
Party_Pony: Pinkie Pie
WARNING: Though I attempt to keep everyone as in-character as my headcanons allow, the characters in these chatrooms tend to get a little OOC in addition to their IC mannerisms. In other words, if I’m jacked on coffee, WE’RE ALL JACKED ON COFFEE. Enjoy.

(The_Fool has entered the chatroom)
The_Fool: …anyone online?
The_Fool: …
The_Fool: If no one’s online, I’m signing off.
(bloomacncheez has entered the chatroom)
:iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 6 23
SprinxMix Valentine by bloomacnchez SprinxMix Valentine :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 63 31 Nozizi from an Old Video by bloomacnchez Nozizi from an Old Video :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 21 6 New Ash Ketchup Sprites by bloomacnchez New Ash Ketchup Sprites :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 45 31 A Girl Worth Fighting For by bloomacnchez A Girl Worth Fighting For :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 34 39 TBA BMNC Death Note Sprites by bloomacnchez TBA BMNC Death Note Sprites :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 18 10 Disapproval Models by bloomacnchez Disapproval Models :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 22 14 Screaming Students Models by bloomacnchez Screaming Students Models :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 30 19
Rendezvous CH13 Part 2
Chapter Thirteen – Losing Control

The hallway branched off into two paths, one leading to a very conspicuous dead end. The other appeared much longer and with more rooms. Surely one of these will lead to the next floor…
“Let’s check each room separately,” I said, “Let me know if you find anything.”
Without as much as a moment’s hesitation, my party advanced down the hall to check the individual rooms. I took the straight path down the corridor, which stretched out much further than I had expected. My eyes shifted towards the mundane pattern that continued indefinitely down the hall. Something’s not right… Either… the patterns are getting bigger or they’re getting closer… I looked beside me, only to realize the walls were closing in as well. Immediately, I braked, watching to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. The walls aren’t… moving… but… the space is
:iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 2 13
Rendezvous CH13 Part 1
Chapter Thirteen – Losing Control

Bebe and I made it to the hospital in fifteen minute’s time by bus, though we didn’t take a second to dawdle once we arrived. At the back of the bustling white lobby stood Pierre, highly noticeable in dark clothing among the bright scrubs of the nurses and white coats of doctors. As we approached, I realized his face and eyes were splotched with red, tear tracks reflecting the florescent lights from above. His shoulders shuddered violently as his arms held themselves close to his middle.
“Pierre?” I asked breathlessly, once we were close enough, “What’s going on?”
He abruptly jerked his attention towards me, thrusting his arms around my shoulders tightly and collapsing in sobs against my shoulder.
“P-Pierre, what happened?” Bebe asked nervously, trying to meet his eyes.
His shudders battered against my front and his sobs were muffled against my shirt as he vented his distress
:iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 2 6
Thorns and Roses (Colored) by bloomacnchez Thorns and Roses (Colored) :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 84 13 The Creepy Doll (from Ib) by bloomacnchez The Creepy Doll (from Ib) :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 45 32 Thorns and Roses (Sketch Form) by bloomacnchez Thorns and Roses (Sketch Form) :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 47 10 Happy Birthday Baylor! 2012 by bloomacnchez Happy Birthday Baylor! 2012 :iconbloomacnchez:bloomacnchez 9 7
Mah pretty gallery that goes further than the four shown here. ...cough

And if you go back far enough, you'll see EPIC FAIL.

Random Favourites

Crappy Advanced Valentine's Day fanart by BlackAlice13 Crappy Advanced Valentine's Day fanart :iconblackalice13:BlackAlice13 22 9 narukami and kuma by nilampwns narukami and kuma :iconnilampwns:nilampwns 125 8 We're Screwed by VanillaAcolytes We're Screwed :iconvanillaacolytes:VanillaAcolytes 123 38 Valentine Card: Souji Seta by HappehCakes Valentine Card: Souji Seta :iconhappehcakes:HappehCakes 27 8 Protagonist by the riverbank by JMKasane Protagonist by the riverbank :iconjmkasane:JMKasane 37 14 Persona 4 - Together by YumiAznable Persona 4 - Together :iconyumiaznable:YumiAznable 141 35 persona 4 by kazuna-yoshida persona 4 :iconkazuna-yoshida:kazuna-yoshida 17 7 banchou by chocographs banchou :iconchocographs:chocographs 761 19 partners on tv by nilampwns partners on tv :iconnilampwns:nilampwns 140 14 kanjixnao by nilampwns kanjixnao :iconnilampwns:nilampwns 248 24 Persona Eyes Generator 2 by McGenio Persona Eyes Generator 2 :iconmcgenio:McGenio 728 150 Your Affection by Silss Your Affection :iconsilss:Silss 158 60 Persona 4 // 02 by Vega-Highwell Persona 4 // 02 :iconvega-highwell:Vega-Highwell 81 14 Teddie Human by AnniaHY Teddie Human :iconanniahy:AnniaHY 13 23 P4 - CABBAGE MONSTER by TehNazzy P4 - CABBAGE MONSTER :icontehnazzy:TehNazzy 18 8



Sadly, I'm not really coming back. Due to some of the copyright issues dA has, I don't feel comfortable sharing my art here anymore, as I'm to be making a career out of my artwork in the near future.


I will still be uploading my artwork online to Tumblr! I've created a new art blog so that people don't have to dig through all my goofy ramblings and gross bawling over OTPs and such to see my work! So I wanted to share the link with you all in case anyone is still interested in seeing my art! (I have improved quite a bit since becoming an art major!)

So here it is:

And if you ARE interested in my ramblings and gross sobbing like I did in my journals in the past, you can find me at my main account:

This should be my last post here, though I will keep this account so I can keep in contact with people here in necessary.

Thank you for the great years, deviantART. This was truly a place I felt happy in my teenage years, and I have you to thank for that.

See you around!

Love, BMNC

[EDIT]: Also!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! //^//^// They truly meant a lot~!
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  • Watching: Free!
  • Playing: Tomodachi Life


Artist | Student | Varied
United States

Name: bloomacncheez/bloomacnchez

Nicknames: BMNC, Aomi, Bloo, Awesome (xD; I like this one).

DOB: May 27th

Interests: Anime, Manga, Comedy, Voice-Acting (even though I suck at it), Animals, Art, Video Games, Writing

Favorite Things: Anime, Manga, Japan and Japanese language and culture (not quite to a weeaboo level, but y'know...), Music, Buffalo Chicken, deviantART, Tumblr, OTAKON, Yaoi, and TheClassyPeanuts.

Least Favorite Things: FRICKING VIRUSES, Hackers (Kururu excluded), Trolls that aren't trying to be funny, Unloading the dishwasher, Forks for the grill, Math of any kind, Boredom, Going to the doctors, Change, Falling in love with everything that no one knows of or cares about, Public Restrooms

Current Favorite Word/Phrase: Diaper Baby

Often: Emotionally unstable, excited, spastic, paranoid, depressed, pissed off, tired, overreacting, or a banana

Rarely: Fully awake, serious, completely content, or a tomato.

Occasionally: Drunk out of her mind on Sprite, sugar, or hot sauce.

Fears: Spiders, Disease, Youtube, Public Speaking, Small enclosed spaces, Excessive noise


:bulletblue: Free! :heart:
:bulletblue: Shingeki no Kyojin :heart:

I regularly put off commenting on stuff, so I find myself faving without commenting. A lot. D: I'm really sorry if you hate that. I don't like it about myself. I try to comment. I do. But I'm really shy and get awkward about leaving comments for artists I haven't talked to before.

I'm not quite as active lately as I'd prefer. Between college and my job, I don't always have as much time for recreational art. I occasionally lurk around online here for awhile, but it's been pretty quiet.

Love to my watchers~! :heart:


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LinkedCookies Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I remember finding your videos long ago, then one day I decided to check out your channel on youtube. Low and behold, it's gone. I was devastated. None the less, I went out of my way to find every single one of your videos. I've recently watched most of them. I've noticed this page is a little dead so to speak. However, if you find this, I hope you're doing great in life. I hope you find everything that makes you happy. Most of all, I hope you're spreading joy to everyone you meet.
SamTheGamer16 Featured By Owner May 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know you probably won't see this but....
Happy birthday!!
Fox emoji - birthday Blower fella (Party) happy DA B-day :3 Happy Birthday Godliek :D 
JHfromthewar Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dear Bloomacnchez,
Thank you for making my childhood amazing with watching Ouran High School Host Club parodies most of my days.
Just a stupid fan,Bren
IntenseFinity Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
May I please ask what happened with Youtube? I actually enjoyed your old parodies and such! XP
Sakura-Araragi Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
:iconrainbowcakeplz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
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Happy Birthday!!!~ w00t!

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Happy Birthday :meow: :iconcakeplz:
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Happy Birthday BMNC!
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