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Persona Practice 1 by bloomacnchez Persona Practice 1 by bloomacnchez
I'm practicing my drawings of ther Persona characters. Luckily it also doubles as a helpful guide for the Faux Pas readers that aren't familar with the characters. This way you can put a name with a face.

Left side:

Ryoji Mochizuki-
Has yet to appear in the story, but is one of my favorite Persona characters of all-time. I can't wait to get P3P for Christmas so I can play the girl character, name her after myself, and then whore myself out to all the guys except Hidetoshi, and very specifically to Ryoji. And it's okay! Because he's a man-whore! :-D
Also, hiimdaisy's Ryojiventures is possibly the most amazing portrayal of Ryoji I've ever seen in my life. I salute you. :salute:

Junpei Iori-
I was kinda irritated about the shape of his head. I didn't use a reference until I had to draw his clothes, so his head is more circular than it should be... I love Junpei. He's so cute. ...oh, and he's voiced by Vic Mignogna. If any fangirls wanna cheer, do so now.

Yukari Takeba-
She's a very special character. Reason? She's the only female in the main cast that I like. Why? She's not annoying. Yo, I love Teddie and Rise, so it's not analysis characters that I hate. Mitsuru and Fuuka are insufferable, and I think the Mitsuru fans are going to stab me with a rapier now. D:

Right side:

Aigas Aigis (God, I hate trying to spell her name.)-
Not my favorite character, but I don't hate her. She's kind of a Mary-Sue in my opinion- and now the Aigis fans are going to shoot me. Lovely. >:U I SAID I DIDN'T HATE HER! BLARG!

Akihiko Sanada-
Uhuhu, I love Aki. He's quite the cutey. He's adorable during his little video in FES. That video made me fall in love with him. I just wish he'd take off his freaking shirt at the beach. Dude, if you're gonna wear a Speedo- *shot*
Oh, that's right. He's wearing a different swimsuit. xD Right, fudgiebear? :eyes:

Mitsuru Kirijo-
Yeah, okay, she's a little less irritating to me when I write her in Faux Pas, but while she's your analyst... UGH.
"You have the potential to grow even stronger!"
*has just beaten an impossibly hard enemy*... >:C SHUT UP.

Ahem. Persona characters.
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landra15 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice work.
longvieweccentric Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2010
Heh heh gob :D YAY VIC!
Aeskhari Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
People are actually fans of mary sues? Ugchhh. I actually the way you did Aigis (whatever) the way she couldn't get jokes.(lolzers)

Mitsuru looks very unannoying there. She looks really sad actually.
eseehcncamulb Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
i like the second one... no the last one... you know what i like em all!!!!
eseehcncamulb Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
is a persona a character you make up? gomenasai watashi wa baka desu thats my failed sentence... i dont take jap so i dont know much can you tell me if i did it correctly
luckygirl88 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Your artistic style is improving. ^_^ Can I recommend something? Can you try and draw chibi style? It's easy and would be nice.
fudgiebear Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
Lol Aki description oooooohhh yeah i gotcha ;)
TheKillerTeddyBear Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
TRIAL OF THE DRAGONNNNNN One thing about Mitsuru that really annoys me is CONSTANT USE OF MARIN KARIN. So useless fffff

As soon as I have money and convince my mother that P3P isn't "spawn of the DEVIL OH MY GOD" I am buying it. The Persona series is rather awesome.
AnimeGeek-senpai Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010
*cough*obsession*cough* sry, I had to clear my throat.
you're going to whore yourself out to fictional characters? umm.. branch out much? XD
oh, and there's always that one character in every game/show/book/whatever else you can think of, there is that one character that says "you can do better!" after beating a boss that causes g.amer's a.nger s.yndrome ((c) meh) why can't there be a glitch that let's beat the living crap out of them?
I want that D:
Warped-Dragonfly Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2010  Student General Artist
Very cute drawings : D
And....someone's voiced by Vic Mignogna?! If I had a PS3, that'd be the main reason I'd buy it X3 (The main reason I got into Ouran is because he voiced as Tamaki). I even treasure the autograph my friend gave me when she went to go meet him when I couldn't. <3
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